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50-99 Times

Fifty times is a doable chart for anything that needs to be done in a week - it's only 7 times per day plus one.  I will sometimes have my students who are struggling with review fill out a 50 times chart for review that week.  Seven review songs per day plus one.  If they miss a day it ends up being more, but they are getting it done.  A reward - even a small one that doesn't cost any money - such as a day at the park - is perfect for a 50 times chart.
Submitted by Amanda Diamond
This chart is good for little ones, the show is still pretty popular on Nick Jr and such.  50 day chart, a little different in that it is a countdown instead of up.   Chart follows the format of the TV show.  The last three days, the parent can write in a clue for each day.  On the last day, student can sit in the Thinking Chair with Blue to figure out what their treat is.  The 3 clues are supposed to be a clue about the surprise treat at the end of the 50 days of practice.  Parents can also write in the clues ahead of time and cover them with the big blue pawprints I've included.  Example: last three clues are "dog", "pink", and "glasses".  The surprise is a beanie baby of the character Magenta.